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The company JUKA Motorsport was established in 1991. The nineties were all devoted to rallycross. We participated in a number of rallycross races in the Czech Republic with a 2000 ccm car. After one year long collaboration with Milan Dolak and Toyota Celica GT-Four, we became Rally Champion of the Czech Republic in 1997.

Until 2002, JUKA Motorsport (headed by Josef Juracka) closely collaborated with Skoda Motorsport Mlada Boleslav in the development and construction of the rally car Skoda Octavia WRC . Under Skoda Motorsport, we participated in the World Rally Championship as a service team too.

Since 2002, our company has closely collaborated with Skoda Auto Deutschland GmbH (national importer Skoda cars) and the collaboration continues. For five years, our own cars Skoda Octavia WRC (2002-2004) and Skoda Fabia WRC (2005, 2006) took part in races for Skoda Auto Deutschland racing team. During those five years, the crew of Matthias Kahle and Peter Göbel became German Rally Champions four times (2002, 2004 - Skoda Octavia WRC, 2005, 2006 DRS - Skoda Fabia WRC) and 2nd place of German Rally Champion (2003 - Skoda Octavia WRC). In 2005, our activity in German national rally championship races brought the collaboration of JUKA Motorsport and Skoda Motorsport Mlada Boleslav (CZ). We were in charge of maintenance for training cars not only "at home" but also for all racing crews of Skoda Motorsport in races during the whole World Rally Championship races.

In 2007 we raced for the Hungarian Skoda Rally Team and our car Skoda Fabia WRC with the crew of Tamás Turi and Imre Tóth. The result was overall 2nd place in Hungarian Rally Championship.

During 2002 – 2008, our cars Skoda Fabia WRC and Skoda Octavia WRC took part in a number of shows in Europe with a number of popular racers like Armin Schwarz, Armin Kremer, Matthias Kahle, Jaroslav Starý at the steering wheel.

During the years in which we took part in races, we also started to renovate classic cars of Czech as well as of foreign origin. We have participated in a number of oldtimer rallies throughout Europe with some of our classic Skoda cars. The crews of Matthias Kahle/Peter Göbel and Josef Juracka/Hana Jurackova placed high in these races.

Since 2006 JUKA Motorsport extended the range of services offered, especially for Czech clients: we provide services in the field of workplace safety and hygiene, fire protection, vintage care renting and company premises renting for social venues, weddings, seminars and training courses. The premises of JUKA Motorsport company include workshops and storehouses, administrative and ceremonial premises as well as parking premises. There are workshops dedicated to machining and processing of parts.

Since 2009, JUKA Motorsport has started to cooperate closely with Škoda Motorsport Mladá Boleslav. Within the cooperation, we made complete construction of racing cars Škoda Fabia S2000 and we participated in testing.

Intensive cooperation with Škoda Motorsport Mladá Boleslav in construction of racing cars Škoda Fabia Super 2000 continued in 2010, too. In the beginning of the year 2010 we bought Škoda Fabia Super 2000 from Škoda Motorsport. After three years of pause we came back with those cars and partner ŠkodaAuto Deutschland to the German Rally Championship 2010. During the whole championship, the teams of the rally cars consisted of experienced matadors, Matthias Kahle/Petr Göbel, and young racing crew Mark Wallenwein/Stefan Kopczyk.

In 2011, we passed several races in the series of Intercontinental Rally Challenge with 2 special cars Fabia S2000 and we passed several German rallies with the partner Škoda Auto Deutschland. The teams of S2000 consisted of the same pairs as in 2010.

In 2012, the driver and co-driver in the racing special car changed. Young and promising German pilot Sepp Wiegand and experienced German co-driver Timo Gottschalk were driving the car S2000, under the colours of Škoda Auto Deutschland. The main program of the season was to pass 9 races of the IRC series (Intercontinental Rally Challenge). And it resulted in success in the form of 4th place in the total rank of the championship at the end.

The season 2013 is characterized with World Rally Championship with the car Škoda Fabia S2000 in the WRC2 category. JUKA Motorsport will prepare and service the racing special car and provide complete technical background at the world championship for the partner Škoda Auto Deutschland. In the cockpit, Sepp Wiegand will be driving the car and his new German co-driver Frank Christian will navigate him. They are going to take part in about 7 races of WRC held in the European continent.

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